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The SEEDS Changemakers Program onboards non-SEEDizen changemakers into the SEEDS ecosystem and culture using a self-organization system based on caring. The program supports active regeneration changemakers in the non-SEEDS world, those that are committed to regeneration, and often find cryptocurrency and blockchain culture as too difficult or exclusive to relate to. The program is based on the caring values of partnerism and nature's values of self organizing ecosystems. The program provide the changemakers with a family-like framework to discover what they resonate with, how to co-create, and where to gain support in becoming a high Reputation Citizen of SEEDS.

Changemaker Guide[edit]

See the SEEDS Changemaker Guide for specific instructions on how to participate as a Changemaker participant. It is designed as a complement to this page, which is an overview of the entire program.


The Changemakers program is based on a foundation of partnership, self organization and co-creation.


Partnerism - is an economic system with values, assumptions, and beliefs based on caring for one another, nature, and our collective future. Unlike Capitalism & Socialism, Partnerism recognizes the economic value of care and adequately rewards it in both the market & non-market sectors. Partnerism was first coined by Riane Eisler and most internationally recognized in The Chalice and the Blade.

Self organization[edit]

Self organizing systems - Processes where some form of overall order arises from local interactions between parts of an initially disordered system. The resulting organization is wholly decentralized, distributed over all the components of the system. As such, the organization is typically robust and able to survive or self-repair substantial perturbation.


Co-creation systems - Systems, models, tools for co-creation, designed, governed and owned by participants with a shared purpose, such as campaign teams and local communities.


Changemaker Participants - A listing of all Changemaker hosts, participants and their visions, values, projects, organized by location.


SEEDizen Adoption Onboarding Program[edit]

SEEDS Changemakers Onboarding Pilot - An onboarding program stewarded by the SEEDS Changemakers Program redirecting the personal invite reward (2000 Seeds) to instead support hosts, especially those associated with organizations and DHOs, in adopting new SEEDizens and onboarding them into SEEDS Citizens edified in the regenerative culture of Partnerism.

Partnership Course[edit]

Partnerism in SEEDS - a program to support Partnerism in SEEDS. Partnerism is an economic and cultural system based on nature and caring, as an alternative to domination culture. Unlike Capitalism and Socialism, Partnerism recognizes the economic value of care and adequately rewards it in both the market and non-market sectors.

Regenerate Africa[edit]

Regenerate Africa - A regenerative ecosystem campaign in Africa through the SEEDS Changemakers Program and the SEEDS community. It is in partnership with hyper-local SEEDS projects in Uganda and Kenya. It’s purpose is to co-create hyper-local models of regenerative culture and civilization, utilizing the SEEDS and Partnerism cultural and economic platform.


Anyone who feels they are actively doing regenerative work and want to join a support network of those doing the same can join the Changemakers program. Each applicant must meet complete a changemaker survey to document how they are regenerative changemakers in the non-SEEDS world. The objective is to support at least 50 of the changemakers to become Citizens from non-SEEDS participants.

Group support[edit]


  • Each Host can invite between 5 to 25 Changemakers = Total 125.
  • Have no less than 80% of the Changemakers you are onboarding to be those you invited yourself to set a standard for others in being responsible for onboarding those they invite.
    • Because of how the reward system works, both Hosts and Changemakers are strongly recommended to only invite people that they will also invest the time to onboard to become active participants in the SEEDS ecosystem, otherwise that person should be invited by a SEEDizen who will.
    • The intent of the reward system is to incentivize SEEDizens for supporting non-SEEDizens in becoming active SEED Citizens, not for simply sending out invites which often lead to abandoned accounts.

Seeds rewards[edit]


  • Participants will be rewarded 1 'participation' token for every meeting they attend (hosts receive 5 tokens to cover preparation and follow up), which are divided up by a pool of 4000, 6000 and 10,000 Seeds each month starting in October 2021.


  • Based on the SEEDS Gratitude system, Changemakers will be rewarded for contributions based on the principles of a gifting economy. Changemakers and Hosts will recognize contributions in the #gratitude Changemaker Discord channel, backed by a Changemaker Seed Bank distributing 20,000 Seeds over four months (1000 in October, 4000, 6000, 10,000 in November through January) based on Tokens earned. Examples of Gratitude:
    • Acts of caring, kindness, community, generosity, ingenuity, inclusion
    • Acts of contribution towards growing the SEEDS ecosystem
    • Acts of service in supporting each changemaker in becoming an informed Citizen

Inviting others who become Citizens[edit]

  • All SEEDS members including Changemakers are rewarded 750 Deferred Seeds for every person they invite that becomes a Resident, 1250 Deferred Seeds for every person they invite that becomes a Citizen (2000 total).

Changemaker Hosts[edit]

Phase I: New hosts welcomed September-October 2021

  • Each of the Changemaker Hosts are responsible for gifting Seeds to the appropriate changemakers. For the first phase, Be The Change Cooperative (bethechangec) will send 100 Seeds x the number of Changemakers each Host has committed to onboarding to Resident. This will be sent as soon as the Changemakers complete the SEEDS Changemaker survey as the first step in the program. Be The Change Cooperative will send Seeds to each Changemaker Host to support changemakers as they progress to each level (100 Seeds to become a Resident, 200 Seeds to become a Citizen, 700 Seeds for becoming a Citizen), with the following participation guidelines:
    • Meeting minimum contributions by to-be-determined level of participation
    • Attended four community meetings
    • Watched selected videos on the SEEDS ecosystem

Phase II: New hosts welcomed November-December 2021

  • The Changemaker Hosts will welcome new Hosts as long as there is gender balance among all the Hosts.

Changemaker Host remuneration[edit]

  • Hosts will be rewarded 5 'participation' tokens for every meeting they attend (regular participants receive 1 token), which are divided up by a pool of 4000, 6000 and 10,000 Seeds each month starting in October 2021.
  • All participants receive 'gratitude tokens' which are divided up by a pool of 4000, 6000 and 10,000 Seeds each month starting in November 2021.
  • All SEEDs members including Hosts are rewarded 2000 Deferred Seeds for every participant they invite that becomes a Citizen.
  • The objective is to eventually establish a program (not currently supported) where anyone is either remunerated or rewarded for helping onboard people into the SEEDS ecosystem regardless of who invited them. The role of Host would be based on what one does, not an earned title. The ideal would be to remove rewarding the minimal effort of inviting someone altogether. Until then we need to work within the existing system to prevent people from burning out from over-volunteering.


  • Be The Change Cooperative, a cooperative of changemakers supporting the development of ‘ecovillages-in-a-building’ that are designed, governed, and owned by local communities, developed a proposal to onboard 125 non-SEEDS participants into the SEEDS ecosystem as SEEDS Citizens. The facilitators of the program are graduates of the SEEDS Ambassador Academy, and includes a cohort of 10-15 Hosts from around the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, US, Asia, South America). The proposal includes a request of 1000 Seeds per invited participant, to be rewarded as invites of the Hosts.
  • A donor provided a 55,000 Seed loan to initiate the program ahead of the proposal funds.