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The SEEDS Changemaker Guide is a guide for those participating in the SEEDS Changemakers program to develop the SEEDS ecosystem. The purpose is to develop a culture and economy based on caring and nature, with a specific focus on onboarding changemakers in shaping a regenerative civilization.

Program Overview[edit]

See SEEDS Changemakers Program for an overview, as this page is more of a participation guide for Changemaker program participants.


Changemaker Participants - A listing of all Changemaker hosts, participants and their visions, values, projects, organized by location.


What is a Changemaker?[edit]

Changemakers are registered SEEDS participants that are committed to a regenerative project and interested in shaping the SEEDS ecosystem supported by a dedicated cohort of Changemaker Hosts. Anyone can become a SEEDS Changemaker participant by following the two steps below under Invites.

What is a Changemaker Citizen?[edit]

Changemaker Citizens are Changemakers that meet the following requirements:

What do Changemakers do?[edit]

Onboard SEEDizens[edit]

Participate in learning journeys[edit]

  • Learn with fellow changemakers about co-creative and regenerative practices, starting with the Partnerism in SEEDS course, an economic and cultural system based on nature and caring.

Be informed[edit]

Reward caring[edit]

Contribute in gatherings[edit]

Self organize gatherings[edit]

  • Self organize new gatherings (ie weekly gatherings developing Partnerism or sharing regenerative best practices or discussing SEEDS in different languages), place them on the Changemaker calendar, and be rewarded for hosting and attending.

Co-create regenerative projects[edit]

  • Share your regenerative projects on the weekly calls focused on just that, develop them further through your own #projects-out-loud channel in the Discord community.

Joining the Changemakers Program[edit]

Joining SEEDS and the SEEDS Changemaker program starts with the following steps.


SEEDS Changemaker Registration

  1. Join the Changemaker program by completing the participation form here. You can learn about your fellow Changemakers who chose to share their vision, purpose and projects here.
  2. Join the Changemakers Discord community here and start at the #start-here channel at the very top to get oriented at any time.
  3. Optional: Join the SEEDS Changemakers orientation on Telegram here to ask any questions about the program.

Setting up your SEEDS digital wallet

  1. Register for a SEEDS account through downloading the SEEDS Wallet using this link:
  2. Enter 'Full Name' then a 12-digit 'Username' (aka 'Account Name') that uses only a-z lowercase letters and/or numbers from 1-5 only. Your Account Name CANNOT be changed. Numbers for the 12-digit Account Name cannot be 0 or 6-9, nor special characters. The Account Name is what is used when sending or receiving Seeds.
  3. You will be provided a 12 word password. You can then create a Private Key (a single long password) by selecting your Avatar > 'Security' > 'Export Private Key'. VERY IMPORTANT - Make sure to keep your 12 words and Private Key in a safe place, as there is no way to recover this if you lose it.
  4. Use your Private Key to login to your SEEDS account on the website at which also allows you to submit campaign and alliance proposals and create an organization account.



Changemaker to Citizen Program Rewards

Participants automatically become a Visitor when they first join SEEDS. Visitors will notice in their Global Passport that 5 Seeds are automatically “planted” (analogous to a deposit in a bank account reserved for regenerative projects) for them.

Visitor Requirements Table
Action Description Impact
Plant Seeds Plant 5 Seeds in the account to have an active SEEDS account Investment in regeneration


  1. Check your status (Visitor, Resident or Citizen) in the Global Passport app under your username in the top left.
  2. The minimum planted Seeds (5) is automatically covered by the person who sent the invite.
  3. More on Planting.



Changemaker to Citizen Program Rewards

  • 200 Seeds are rewarded by the participant's assigned Host for:
    • Becoming a Resident


Players earn Resident status by doing the following:

Resident Requirements Table
Action Description Impact
Plant Seeds Plant 50 Seeds in the account You are investing in regeneration
Gain Reputation Obtain at least 50 Reputation Points (See Notes #1 below) You are participating in the community
Send Seeds Conduct 1 Transaction (See Notes #2 below) You are circulating Seeds
Onboard Participants Invite participants and have at least 1 become a Visitor You are growing the SEEDS community


  1. Earn 50 Reputation Points (and no more) by being vouched for by Residents or Citizens. Only Residents and Citizens can vouch for others. The higher the status (Resident, Citizen) and Reputation Score of the person vouching for you, the more Reputation Points you will receive. Residents can contribute up to 20 Reputation Points, and Citizens up to 40 Reputation Points.
  2. One simple way to conduct Transactions is by sending Seeds to others.
  3. Execute and monitor all of these requirements in the Global Passport app. Check your status under your username in the top left.



  • Vouch for others so they get up to 40 Reputation Points.
  • Submit and vote for Campaign and Alliance proposals.
  • Receive part of the Harvest after the Go Live event.
  • Receive referral reward of 750 Harvest Seeds for every person you invite that becomes a Resident. This number will reduce as more people join SEEDS.
  • Receive 1250 Harvest Seeds for every person you invite that becomes a Citizen. This number will reduce as more people join SEEDS.


The final status for Players is Citizenship status earned by doing the following:

Citizen Requirements Table
Action Description Impact
Plant Seeds Plant 200 Seeds in the account You are investing in regeneration
Gain Reputation Obtain a Reputation Score of at least 50 You are participating in the community
Send Seeds Conduct 5 Transactions You are circulating Seeds
Onboard Participants Invite participants and have at least 3 become a Visitor You are growing the SEEDS community
Onboard Visitors Invite participants and have at least 1 become a Resident You are growing the SEEDS community
Account Age Have an account age of at least 2 moon cycles (59 days) You are investing time in regeneration


  1. Reputation Score and Reputation Points are two different things. Your Reputation Score is based on an algorithm that ranks members from 1 to 99 (the higher the better) based on their Reputation Points.
  2. The simplest path to a Reputation Score of 50 is onboarding someone you invited to become a Resident.
  3. You can conduct ‘transactions’ simply by sending Seeds to others via the Passport app (like PayPal and Venmo).

Contribution Score[edit]

See Contribution/Contribution Score.

Reputation - Building trust in our new civilization[edit]

See Reputation/Reputation Points/Reputation Score.

Become a Changemaker Host[edit]

What does being a Changemaker Host mean?

  • You are committed to onboarding new SEEDizens and supporting existing ones with their regenerative projects.
  • You are a Changemaker member if not already one. You can join at any time via the this participation form.
  • You are eligible to onboard new SEEDizens into SEEDS, and be remunerated for it through the SEEDS Changemakers Onboarding Pilot.
  • You are eligible to be remunerated for helping host Changemaker Zoom and Clubhouse meetups (see start-here for meetups)
  • You have access to the Changemaker Host Telegram group and have posting permissions in this channel.
  • You are helping provide diverse gylanic (female/male balanced) global representation. We can't accept too many hosts from one bioregion or gender, you can see global representation here.
  • A Changemaker steward will check in after three months of inactivity by any participant to see if they still want to continue. You can rejoin at any time.

Join via this Telegram link if you're interested in becoming a Changemaker Host: Changemaker Host Orientation

Supporting Resources[edit]

SEEDS Changemakers to Citizens Pilot Program[edit]

SEEDS Glossary[edit]


SEEDS Voting On and Submitting Proposals[edit]

SEEDS Roadmap to globally regenerative economies[edit]

SEEDS Co-creation sessions[edit]

SEEDS Campaigns + Organizations[edit]


Foundational Apps[edit]

Global Passport[edit]

The Global Passport offers Players a community-centric approach to SEEDS. The Passport comes with the following key features:

  • A forum section for earning reputation for sharing wisdom, proposing changes, discussing projects, and more.
  • A people section for connecting and meeting other Players.
  • A governance section for voting on proposals.
  • A ”Game of SEEDS” section for doing quests, earning Seeds and learning about this renaissance in a more joyful way!
  • A wallet section for all your economic actions.

Light Wallet[edit]

The Light Wallet offers Players a light-weight tool to participate in SEEDS. With a focus on providing tools for merchants and businesses. The Light Wallet comes with the following key features:

  • Basic and advanced wallets.
  • Access and sign action on your DHO or Swaps sites.
  • Setup “Key Guardians” to recover your account should you lose your keys.
  • Setup your storefront, marketstall, or business on SEEDS to accept payments.

SEEDS Tool Ideas[edit]

Hive has been develop for more that 3 years to become a communities without borders. A social network owned and operated by its users, powered by Hive.

  • ACORN: The Telos free currency, a basic income to be used as a pedagogical tool :
  • Monnaie Libre G1: a universal dividend based on the relative theory of money, used by more than 6,500 people in Europe. FR EN