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The SEEDizen Adoption Onboarding Program stewarded by the SEEDS Changemakers Program redirects the personal invite reward (2000 Seeds) to instead support hosts, especially those associated with organizations and DHOs, in adopting new SEEDizens and onboarding them to become Changemaker Citizens - SEEDS Citizens edified in the regenerative culture of Partnerism and collaborating with other SEEDizens on a regenerative project. This initiative received 200,000 Seeds from the SEEDS grant program in November 2021 to execute this program.

Become a Changemaker Citizen[edit]

Become a Changemaker Host[edit]

What does being a Changemaker Host mean?

  • You are committed to becoming a Changemaker Citizen.
  • You are committed to onboarding new SEEDizens and supporting existing ones with their regenerative projects.
  • You are eligible to onboard new SEEDizens into SEEDS, and be remunerated for it (2000 Seeds) through this program.
  • You are eligible to be remunerated for helping host Changemaker Zoom and Clubhouse meetups.
  • You are helping provide diverse gylanic (female/male balanced) global representation. We can't accept too many hosts from one bioregion or gender, you can see global representation here.
  • A Changemaker steward will check in after three months of inactivity by any participant to see if they still want to continue. You can rejoin at any time.


SEEDizen Adoption Onboarding Program - The approved SEEDS proposal that this program is based on.