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Partnerism in SEEDS is a program to support Partnerism in SEEDS through the SEEDS Changemakers Program. Partnerism is an economic and cultural system based on nature and caring, as an alternative to domination culture. Unlike Capitalism and Socialism, Partnerism recognizes the economic value of care and adequately rewards it in both the market and non-market sectors.

Those who complete the course will be recognized in the SEEDS community, and as a result be given remunerated opportunities to edify and train others. The course can be completed in a few hours.

How to participate[edit]

Join the program via joining the orientation group on Telegram You will be welcomed with next steps once you join.

The Course[edit]

Phase 1. Orientation[edit]

Phase 2: Partnerism Modules by Center for Partnership Systems[edit]

  • Watch/read transcripts of a weekly 20-30 min video from the founder of Partnerism, Riane Eisler, and complete the assigned tasks that are part of the basic Partnerism course: It's on Vimeo, so you can watch it at 2x speed, or read the transcripts provided with the video. Make sure to provide your answers to the assignments in the Participation Sheet (and not on the website form):
    • Module 1: Where We Are - Does it have to be this way? Are violence, cruelty, and domination just 'human nature'? Or are there alternatives - and if so, what are they?
    • Module 2: How We Got Here - What is the historical evidence that humans are capable of living in peace and honoring life?
    • Module 3: Human Possibilities & Human Nature - Are primate brains wired for empathy or cruelty? How do cultural patterns of Domination or Partnership shape our brains and our behavior?
    • Module 4: Moving Forward - What are the key leverage points for creating the urgently needed cultural shift toward Partnership Systems?
    • Module 5: Accelerating the Shift - What actions will you take as a leader in the Partnership Movement?

Phase 3: Apply partnerism in SEEDS[edit]

  • Integrate partnerism into an individual or group project with support through the Changemaker program. Join existing efforts to further education, training of new cohorts and project implementation with remuneration.
  • Application of Partnerism to an individual or group project with support through the Changemaker program, with opportunities to be included in co-created proposals that involve further education, training of new cohorts and project implementation with remuneration.

How to participate as a learning journey with others[edit]

  • Meet at weekly Zoom calls where participants share their Partnerism experiences, whether in the main room as one of multiple topics, or exclusively in a breakout room with cohorts:
    • Mondays at 6pmEST/11pmUTC via Zoom
    • Wednesdays at 1pmEDT/6pmUTC/9pmEAT via Zoom
  • Share what matters to you about Partnerism as a collective via the Prosocial co-creation framework: Learn more here
  • Share thoughts, reviews with peers at Changemaker Discord: #partnerism-training.
  • Track your course completion ('Completion' tab), share your course work ('Course Work' tab), and share your gifts ('Registry' tab) in the Partnerism in SEEDS Participation Sheet.
  • We use Prosocial as a shared learning framework:


The inaugural Partnerism in SEEDS course began Nov 29 with 14 pioneering participants.

Beyond the course[edit]

New Partnerism programs will emerge based on interest and capacity, whether though ongoing two-cycle programs that may be concurrent or asynchronous. It's as wide open and emergent as SEEDS.