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Gratitude in SEEDS is a tool and exploration into radically redesigning how value is distributed. It’s a way to build gratitude into the foundation of our new culture. Gratitude helps SEEDS participants sense, recognize and distribute value to others for contributions of all kinds to the well being of our new civilizations.


Ideally the model here is that anyone can:

  • Give gifts to others (participate)
  • Get acknowledged (receive gratitude)
  • Celebrate our gifts
  • Acknowledge others gifts (send gratitude),
  • Receive value (Seeds) at the end of each lunar cycle (~29.5 days) for helping build new economies and regenerative civilizations!

The vision is an economic system where Gratitude serves as a foundation to how we meet many of our needs, where people share their gifts freely and receive value without having to:

  • Quantify the value of the gift
  • Make a proposal
  • Request payment

Each of which carries a lot of overhead (having to take time to quantify the value of the gift, craft a proposal, promote the proposal, bill others, set-up businesses, etc, etc…) An economy rooted in Gratitude may be a more effective way to decentralise value flows and remove some of these excess processes (like having to quantify the value of a gift) that require so much human time.

How to Participate in Gratitude[edit]

  1. During each cycle (beginning and ending with each new moon) the Gratitude Account is filled with Seeds. These can be by donations (from members or organizations), the SEEDS Harvest, and/or SEEDS proposals. This pot is used to send Seeds to the recipients of Gratitude.
  2. Residents receive 100 Gratitude tokens and Citizens receive 200, to acknowledge (send Gratitude to) other people for anything they’d like.
  3. Holding/Hoarding Gratitude tokens provides no benefits. Tokens are only activated (and counted) once they’re sent to someone else. Just like a thank you is only meaningful once shared.
  4. Each acknowledgement sends 10% of your Gratitude tokens. If you acknowledge more than 10 people in a cycle then each acknowledgment is divided proportionately by the total Gratitude you have to give. So, the optimal strategy is to acknowledge a bare minimum of 10 people each month to have a full impact.
  5. At the end of the cycle, the flows of Gratitude are tracked and Seeds are sent. People get a share of the Gratitude Account pot based on the percentage of Active Gratitude tokens they received (people can’t give back, or re-gift, Gratitude tokens they receive).
  6. The cycle repeats!

How to use in Discord[edit]

Set up[edit]

  1. Ensure you are a Resident or Citizen to be able to send Gratitude. Any SEEDizen can receive Gratitude.
  2. Download the SEEDS Wallet mobile app.
  3. Activate yours or someone else’s Gratitude account by typing: !seedsacct [discord user] [SEEDS account name] in any channel, such as the Gratitude channel. Example: !seedsacct @drigo drigolove333.

Send Gratitude[edit]

  1. Type: !ack [@discordusername you want to acknowledge] [reason for the gratitude] | Example: !ack @Mariam for hosting a wonderful meeting
    1. If this is the very first time you or someone is receiving gratitude, set up yours or someone else’s gratitude account by typing !seedsacct [discord user] [SEEDS account name] | Ex: !seedsacct @mariam mariamlove33
  2. You’ll get a message in Discord from 'gratzbot' that will ask for confirmation. There are two ways to confirm:
    1. Option 1: Follow the links using mobile device (does not work on desktop app)
      1. Choose "Or click here to open on wallet"
      2. Select 'Yep' to accept link
      3. Select "Sign with Anchor"
      4. Select 'Open' below "Open in "SEEDS Wallet"?"
      5. Select "Confirm and Send" and you're done!
    2. Option 2: Scan the QR code via two devices
      1. Scan the QR code in the message using your SEEDS Wallet (see scan icon in top right).
      2. Select "Confirm and send" and you're done!


SEEDS Gratitude web page