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SEEDS Neighborhubs is a pilot program supporting the onboarding of people into the SEEDS ecosystem through 33-member 'neighbourhubs' (30 participants + 3 hub facilitators) where they receive human-to-human guidance. The program is centered on on how we take responsibility for our role in actualizing each other in developing a regenerative culture.


  • Official timespan of 3 cycles
  • Citizenship ceremony at the end of 3 lunar cycles with vouching by 2 hub facilitators.
  • The 3 hub facilitators hold “Ambassador badge” and/or “Changemaker Citizen badge”

Participation requirements[edit]

  • The participant agrees to honor the SEEDS Constitution.
  • The participant is vouched by at least one person.


The Neighborhubs program is seeking 9 volunteers to form the pilot 3 Neighborhubs. These hubs, each with 3 facilitators will invite up to 30 newbies / members on discord / Telegram (after asking the usual introductory questions), onboard (i.e. answer their questions, help with transactions) and help them become Residents by requesting newbies to send invites to other newbies they’ve identified. After 59 days, they will conduct citizenship ceremonies (zoom / offline after video recordings – more on this below). Existing residents intending to become Citizens can join any of these Hubs by reaching out to these hub facilitators (The list will be provided later on). These pilot hubs will carry on their work parallel to the community initiatives, implying people can continue to invite their friends separately. Newbies who don’t wish to be a part of the hubs can also continue their own journey of understanding of the ecosystem till the system changes are implemented.

Becoming a hub facilitator[edit]

Any SEEDS citizen is welcome to become a hub facilitator, and priority will be given to graduates of the Ambassador Academy and Changemaker Citizens.

How will hubs be formed?[edit]

The pilot hubs will simply be based on their motivation behind their SEEDS involvement. In the future, additional hubs will be formed on the basis of these priorities as well as other factors like number of volunteers and number of newbies.

Citizenship ceremonies[edit]

Each hub can organise citizenship ceremonies on any day, as per the convenience of all three hub facilitators and the Resident(s) intending to move up as a Citizen. These can be offline or online, subject to verifications by all three hub facilitators. Here are the recommended ceremony options:

  1. The first is for all three facilitators conduct a short Zoom video interaction for any Resident spending 59 days in the system, recording their journey highlights with SEEDS. This link needs to be updated on a memo field, which will be created by Nik. Video camera on Zoom can be switched off if newbies provide a social media link, verified by all three hub facilitators
  2. The Second option is for physical ceremonies, where at least 1 hub facilitator can physically meet newbies face to face (while the others join them through a Zoom recording), a recording of which should be posted in memo fields later on. Video camera may be switched off if newbies provide a social media link, verified by all three hub facilitators
  3. The third option is for physical ceremonies (e.g. in places without internet), as long as the Resident’s social media account has been verified by all three hub facilitators.


The SEEDS Changemakers program is sponsoring 2000 Seeds to the Hub facilitators team for every person that becomes a Citizen, completes the Partnerism course (this can be completed in a 3-4 hours) and joins a regenerative project in SEEDS within 3 months of when the Neighborhood officially commences. (NOTE: These rewards are only for pilot hubs, rewards for future hubs will be discussed after economics proposal is implemented, and the total number of 2000 Seed rewards is limited to 100.)