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Sensemaking is a process by which a large population of people are able to give meaning to their collective experiences, referred to as story-based or narrative-based assessment, and 'the first form of scalable ethnography'. By collecting real, unfiltered experiences on the ground, sensemaking can be used to create a story-based repository of insights and learning through a crisis or transformation. Sensemaking helps glean a clearer understanding of what is really going on to minimize the negative impacts from the past, find the evolutionary potential in the present, and help shape a regenerative future.

Video Tutorials[edit]

A Sensemaking Primer[edit]

The video below automatically starts at the 6:13 mark, which provides a clear and concise primer on sensemaking, by Dave Snowden.

A Sensemaking Case Study (Africa)[edit]

The video below documents the sensemaking process with multiple communities in Africa.



Case Study[edit]

Sensemakingcasestudy1.jpg Sensemakingcasestudy2.jpg

See Also[edit]

  • Cynefin Framework Created in 1999 by Dave Snowden, a conceptual sensemaking framework used to aid decision-making. Cynefin is a Welsh word for habitat.
  • Cognitive Edge - The creators of SenseMaker and the Cynefin_framework