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4 models starting from most traditional or fiat-based to most decentralized or crypto based (even if decentralized is not the best term...):

Fiat to Crypto Plan[edit]

Phase 1: Fiat[edit]

Donor-advised fund (DAF) that has a 501c3 as its core and is crypto-friendly. It practically operates as a grant proposal sponsor, approving grant proposals from regen projects on the ground. It receives funds from major institutional donors and high-net worth individuals.

Phase 2:[edit]

Impact investment fund (Regen Living Impact Fund) leveraging the centralized fiat markets, operating as a bond, impact fund, carbon instrument through a scalable blockchain ecosystem such as Cosmos, with the already developed TGrade (infrastructure). This accommodates a private fund, a for-profit foundation (US or Europe based), or an investing LLC (US or Europe based) that develops these for projects needing investment (e.g. cooperatives, LLCs, land trusts).

Phase 3:[edit]

Cryptocurrency token (i.e. $ECO and $LIVING currency tokens) similar to the ECORISE model. We set up the parameters for these two tokens ($ECO capturing the value/MRV of regenerative practices) and $LIVING being the token that algorithmically governs the mint/burn relationship. Two tokens to govern, fund and develop a regenerative ecosystem of PermaCommons (with liquidity pools). Probably on Cosmos.

Phase 4: Crypto[edit]

Regenerative blockchain (Regen Living Blockchain) as a completely native L1 crypto-blockchain that is tailored to the Regenerative Living Institute standards and frameworks (and allows for integration with Regen Network parameters. It can be set up as a strategic relationship between an LLC (blockchain developer raising VC funds) and a foundation.

Regen Living Ecosystem[edit]

1. What?[edit]

Regen Living DHO: We use land community ownership, carbon markets, and an emerging eco-credit class to create natural returns and set the bar higher about what regen development is. Our closest references/model systems are ECORISE and BASIN DAO Link

2. Where?[edit]

We bring on chain the Regenerative Community Development Famework©️

Our chain builds on top of Cosmos and Regen Network's infrastructure (built on Cosmos). They are developing new ecological methodology frameworks We the $ECOGYLA token bringing onchain our framework.

3. How?[edit]

We join R&D efforts with Regen Network to deploy our methodology. That means being one of their partners for #BuiltonRegen.

We attract scientists and researchers interested to build this through the Regenerative Living Institute academic network. Regen Living drafts the application grant for Regen Network, and it’s DHO builds the community. i.e. @GnomadicLiving said 15,000 acres of land to develop (we join efforts).