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The Regen Living Ecosystem is a collective impact initiative to develop and fund ecosystem prototypes and place-based pilot projects that set the bar significantly higher for what regenerative development is.


The Regen Living Ecosystem principles are based on the principles of:


The Regen Living ecosystem uses the Gylan currency hosted on the Hypha DHO platform.

  • To describe the caring and nature alternative to our current system based on domination culture, we use the term gylan. ‘Gy’ represents feminine energy in nature, derived from the Greek root word gyne. ‘An’ represents masculine energy in nature, derived from andros. The letter ‘l’ between the two has a double meaning. In English, it stands for the linking of both halves of humanity, rather than, as in androcracy, their ranking. In Greek, it derives from the verb lyein or lyo, which in turn has a double meaning: to solve or resolve (as in analysis) and to dissolve or set free (as in catalysis). In this sense, the letter l stands for the freeing of humanity and nature from the stultifying and distorting rigidity of roles imposed by domination hierarchy systems.