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Hypha DAO platform landing page

The DAO/DHO Platform is a governance, operations, and tokenomics tool for Decentralized Autonomous/Human Organizations (DAOs and DHOs), developed by Hypha, an app development DHO for regenerative communities. DAOs are widely used as the governing and operations platform in decentralized finance (DeFi) for management of blockchains and cryptocurrency funding pools. DHOs are the SEEDS version of DAOs.

Why DAO/DHOs and DAO/DHO platforms?[edit]

These tools are built for global experimentation, and collective co-evolution. As groups discover novel coordination patterns - any group would then have the ability to adopt their pattern (effective co-evolution) into their organization through their bespoke governance processes. This way we can more easily learn and evolve together as a unified ecosystem and advance our capabilities all while each organization spends less time thinking about how they coordinate and - more time doing the actual mission they set out to do. These tools are designed to continually give our organization's more capable, flexible, and effective "coordination applications" to handle the complexities of our global civilizations and global challenges.

Create a DAO/DHO on the platform[edit]

General info[edit]

Name and description


Identify a template (e.g. tech, investment, local food economy, building, neighborhood, agri-forest)


  • Utility token (e.g. land, equipment, time, networks, money)
  • Governance token
  • Voice token
  • Treasury token - How you do payments

Launch team[edit]

Account name and email


  • Determine multipliers for each of the tokens relative to each other
  • Salary bands - Determine number of payment levels and ranges

Landing page[edit]

See screenshot at top right.


Ticker of the different currencies and tokens

Active assignments[edit]

The number of different roles

Active quests[edit]

Transaction/reciprocity agreements, ways for members to contribute (e.g. 100 community tokens for planting a tree)

Recent payouts[edit]

Transparent ledger of expenses, establishing trust

Active badges[edit]

Who is holding which rights and authorities (e.g. access to bank, facilitation)

Recent strategies[edit]

A list of approved proposals


The basic organizing component of self organization, consisting of a collective of roles with a shared purpose and accountability, with weighted support and sub-circles.


Details compensation, tokens, multiplier, history of enactment


A list of foundational roles (e.g. researching and architecting; storytelling and communications; building and developing)


Governance and operations agreements with history of enactment



View your profile, pay periods, claim pay for work you're doing, what tokens you're holding, orgs you're a part of, roles you fill and badges you have

New proposal[edit]

Choose from the following:

  • One-time activity
    • Bridge - Compensation for past contributions
    • Expense
    • Quest proposal
    • Quest completion
    • Agency
  • Recurring activity
    • Role assignment - Identify time periods
    • Badge assignment - Identify time periods
    • Recurring expense
  • Organizational asset
    • Policy
    • Strategy
    • Circle
    • Role archetype - What are you doing and how much are we going to pay for it, how much deferred, and which currencies
    • Badge type

Configuration settings[edit]

Customizing your organization governance and finance policies

Voice control[edit]

Settings to add level of decay to voice tokens

Voting panel[edit]

  • Quorum - The minimum percentage of members participating to pass a proposal
  • Unity - The minimum percentage of members approving versus rejecting a proposal

Compensation settings[edit]

Minimum, maximum

Activity controls[edit]

Duration, Max ft, Min commitment, Min deferred

Treasure controls[edit]

Proxim, Min equity, Min budget, Max flow


  • Unity and Quorum thresholds posted at the top
  • Listing of proposals with details


  • Listing of badges held by members with details